Northcott Design Thinking School: Day 2

Today, I learnt about the 6-word story, a concept that can be followed as a way to bring brevity to your pitch.

“For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn”, is a 6-word story famously attributed to Ernest Hemingway.

Then in the evening, we went to the global launch of the 2-wheel-drive step climbing wheelchair, the “Step Climber Wheelchair”.

I’ve attached a video here of Rob Silberstein demonstrating the wheelchair going up a step, then climbing back down. Pretty cool stuff!

Northcott Design Thinking School: Day 1

I’m spending my week at Northcott’s Design Thinking School in Sydney. It is run by two members of faculty from Stanford’s Design School. I learnt about it through Lee Carpenter, COO of Northcott, who I met during my days of meandering around the country (before and after speaking engagements), visiting disability organisations and individuals with a disability to speak with about Jeva.

I gave a speech to about 20 people at Northcott when I visited there in late 2013.

Day 1 of Designing Thinking School, two concepts I liked follows.

The Point of View (POV) exercise. You go out and talk to people. Afterwards, you finish the following sentences.
We met…
We were surprised to learn…
We wonder if this means…
It seems like they need a way to…

The other activity I enjoyed was the Empathy Map. After reflecting on the user’s POV, break up your thoughts about the user into an Empathy Map. What the user…

Empathy Map

I like attending courses like this every now and again to give me ideas that I can take back to my team so that my team and I may be more efficient operators.