Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

With commitments in Melbourne on 27 November, I sent Teleport to Sydney so that I could participate in a panel alongside the Chief Scientist of Israel, Avi Hasson, and the Australian Assistant Innovation Minister, Wyatt Roy, moderated by  Warwick Smith AM for the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

I showed up a bit early and just looked at the audience from the stage while rolling here and there. It was phenomenal.  It felt like I was actually present at the venue. I could see the audience. I could move around on stage. I could turn to Wyatt when he was talking, raise the head of the robot when the moderator was asking questions, and I could pan the audience when I was answering questions. AV plugged the speaker system into Teleport directly, so everyone could hear me loudly and clearly.

Afterwards, I walked Teleport around the ball room amongst the 300 people in the audience and did some networking. I could hear the person I spoke with crystal clearly, even in a very crowded room! It was unreal and I cannot wait until I do another speech via Teleport!