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News covers

We were in the media last year!

On the cover of The Australian’s Knowledge Nation 100 on 11 December 2015.


And the back cover of the AFR on 20 November 2015! The full AFR article can be accessed here.

Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

With commitments in Melbourne on 27 November, I sent Teleport to Sydney so that I could participate in a panel alongside the Chief Scientist of Israel, Avi Hasson, and the Australian Assistant Innovation Minister, Wyatt Roy, moderated by  Warwick Smith AM for the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

I showed up a bit early and just looked at the audience from the stage while rolling here and there. It was phenomenal.  It felt like I was actually present at the venue. I could see the audience. I could move around on stage.

I could turn to Wyatt when he was talking, raise the head of the robot when the moderator was asking questions, and I could pan the audience when I was answering questions.

AV plugged the speaker system into Teleport directly, so everyone could hear me loudly and clearly.

Afterwards, I walked Teleport around the ball room amongst the 300 people in the audience and did some networking. I could hear the person I spoke with crystal clearly, even in a very crowded room!

It was unreal and I cannot wait until I do another speech via Teleport!

Summer work experience

We decided to provide Summer work experience to engineering students from all over Australia.  First thing we needed to figure out was a venue to house them all!  Through giving a speech on 19 September for the City of Melbourne, Melbourne Conversations, I ran into an old friend, the CEO of Engineers Australia, Steve Durkin.  They had just opened a new office in the Melbourne CBD and so he invited us to check it out.

Their office spans 1.5 floors on the 30th and 31st floors.  They decided to give us their venue area as office space.

This is the view of our space from above the atrium.

Ample room for both humans and robots.

All we had to do was look out the window for inspiration.

They had this great tiered seating area.

So fancy and new!

We received 200 applications and accepted the top 20 to participate in our Summer engineering experience program.  A month later, on 23 November, we moved in with our engineering students from all over Australia – Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Wollongong, Hobart and Mallacoota, and got to work!

These are photos of my awesome team on day one.

Robotics for Good Award

We made a video to enter in the UAE AI & Robotics for Good Award to showcase how Teleroo enables people with a disability access to work, provides the elderly with another way to socially connect with their family, and students an educational platform on which to learn technical skills.

The UAE AI & Robotics for Good Award is funded by the UAE to recognise advancements in AI and Robotics that are making a positive contribution to the world.  The worldwide winner is awarded $1 million USD, and the UAE winner is awarded AED 1 million.

Australian Women’s Weekly Women of the Future Judges’ Choice Winner

Teleroo went to a photo shoot for Australian Women’s Weekly. We later found out that 2Mar was voted as the Judges’ Choice Winner of the Australian Women’s Weekly Women of the Future Awards, on 22 September!

The judging panel consisted of the Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce, who is the patron of The Australian Women’s Weekly Qantas Women of the Future Awards, Chloe Shorten, the wife of Labor leader Bill Shorten, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Today show co-host Lisa Wilkinson, 7.30 anchor Leigh Sales, Interplast ambassador Turia Pitt, Qantas executive Olivia Wirth, model Jesinta Campbell and co-founder of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Denise Morcombe.

Marita Cheng AWW Women of the Future

September events

Innovation in the Wild

Luke, Zac and I took Teleroo to Innovation in the Wild, hosted by the German Chamber of Commerce and The Cluster. We showcased Teleroo to 36 people from the German Chamber of Commerce. They rotated through 12 companies exhibiting in groups of 3. It was very fun to share our Teleroo only 30 hours after returning from Singularity University. And telling the same story over and over again helped us refine our pitch.


Telstra, Tech For Good & The Future of Everything

My friend invited me to show off Teleroo at Telstra. So I spoke about Jeva, Teleroo, Singularity University and computer vision. Following that Zac, Garth and I gave demonstrations of Teleroo and let people move around. Everyone really enjoyed playing with Teleroo.

Here I am with Teleroo at the Telstra event. Smiles all around!

Telstra Marita
Here is Teleroo staking out the scene, looking for people to talk to.

Teleroo Behind
And this is Teleroo surveying the audience while I was talking on stage.

Teleroo Telstra Audience
Foundation for Young Australians

It was at Unleashed last year, run by the Foundation for Young Australians, that inspired and was the final catalyst for Teleroo to be conceived. So I knew that this year, I needed to go back to Unleashed along with Teleroo to celebrate and acknowledge our inspiration. Thank you for having us there, FYA! Teleroo

Teleroo casting a beautiful shadow in Federation Square

Teleroo Fed Square
FYA CEO and 2012 Westpac Most Influential Woman in Australia, Jan Owen, Marita and Teleroo posing in front of the Unleashed registration tent at Federation Square.

Jan Owen Marita Teleroo
Quoting Jan Owen: “Teleroo

Finally, here’s Zac posing with Teleroo. Zac accompanies Teleroo on all her trips to find any bugs on the field. And then fixes them! 🙂

Zac Marita Teleroo

Usability Testing

We have been usability testing Teleroo with 15 people from all over the world over July, and using those results to give people a better Teleroo experience.

We’re very excited about always improving our accessibility so that people with a disability find it easy and intuitive to control Teleroo.

Teleroo three quarters background

Singularity University

I submitted my ideas about the future of Teleroo and telepresence robots along with my application to Singularity University (SU), and got in! SU teaches its 80 students from 44 countries how to use exponential technologies to positively impact the lives of a billion people within the next 10 years. The course goes for 10 weeks. Here is a video I took of what it’s like to live a day in the life at Singularity University.

TEDxSydney Teleroo Launch

Our telepresence robot, Teleroo was launched onstage at the Sydney Opera House at TEDxSydney on 21 May. We were so excited to share our creation with the world!

I took our intern Astride along to Sydney with me for TEDxSydney. We got to know the Sydney Opera House intricately, explore Sydney and stay in the Rocks (to be close to the Sydney Opera House, of course!) Good times!

TAC and Channel Nine News

Our usability studies with our robotic arm Jeva and with the support of the TAC appeared on Channel Nine News. Read the full article here.

They also filmed a fantastic 2-minute video. So make sure you check that out!

Channel Nine News