At aubot, we build robots to assist us in our everyday lives. Since 2013, aubot has been designing robots that fit the needs of a variety of individuals. From robotic arms that attach to wheelchairs for people with a disability, to telepresence robots that allow a more human-like communication over long distances.

aubot is a Melbourne-based startup developing robots for people like you and I. If you would like to learn more about robots:

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Teleport allows you to visit any part of the world instantly through telepresence. This affordable robot allows your lifestyle to be more green, agile, and flexible. Teleport requires close to no setup and works in any home or office with Wifi.


Be anywhere, from anywhere.

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Your helping hand

Jeva is a robot arm controllable via iOS or Android. It is designed to assist people with a disability and remote carers, as well as ordinary people thanks to its 6 degrees of freedom and low price point.

Jeva is under development at aubot.

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