The Teleport enables teams to collaborate no matter where they are in the world creating a work environment that is more dynamic, inclusive and interactive

Example Applications:

  • Attend important work meetings remotely, regardless of geography or absence from work
  • Check in on employees and keep up to date with the office as a travelling manager
  • Work from home and be able to telecommute to the office to feel a part of the team
  • Balance personal and professional lives more adequately, staying at home with children whilst being able to teleport to the office

Adjustable height allows the user to comfortably interact with someone standing or sitting, as well as examine objects at many levels

Control the Teleport via computer or Android smartphone for fantastic mobility and flexibility

Loud speakers, designed to match human volume, allow the user to be a part of any meeting or conversation

If you are interested in learning more about the Australian Telecommuting landscape and where the Teleport can assist in the industry, please download the report attached below.

Download Corporate Report