Built for everyday practicality, the Teleport can connect you to your world and the universe beyond, offering not only the chance to communicate, but to explore and experience your environment in a whole new way. Use video chat while being able to control your own movements and see the world at your own pace.

A dual-view setup with forward and downward facing cameras and a wide angle lens improves the ability to navigate the Teleport through almost any setting. Ultrasonic sensors in the base alert you as you approach obstacles. The adjustable height allows you to interact with objects at various heights, as well as people standing or sitting.

With practical applications ranging from school and the office to travel and keeping up with family, the opportunities to use the Teleport are endless.

$4980 AUD


  • Teleport telepresence robot
  • Access to control interface through Google Chrome or Android device
  • Drive-in charging mat
  • Charging cable
  • One year complete warranty


To purchase, please contact a member of our team at