Making lives easier,
One robot at a time.

Since 2013, Aubot has been developing products to help people with their daily lives. Aubot's current flagship product, the Teleport telepresence robot, began shipping in 2016. Aubot hopes to also continue work on the previously researched Jeva robotic arm and one day develop that into a commercial product as well.

Aubot, pronounced "our-bot"('au' is "to meet" in Japanese) is focused on building robots that help us in our everyday lives. The company was founded by Marita Cheng AM, Young Australian of the Year 2012 and one of Forbes' Top 50 Women in Tech 2018.

Thanks to funding and support from Advance Queensland and Austrade, Aubot is headquartered in Queensland, Australia, has a North American presence in San Francisco, USA, and an R&D office in Melbourne, Australia.




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