Your helping hand

Jeva is a smartphone-controlled robot arm. It is designed to assist people with a disability and remote carers thanks to its 5 degrees of freedom and low price point.

Jeva holding cup

Just some of the things you can do with Jeva

We visited the Australian Quadriplegic Association in Melbourne, ran a focus group with the Spinal Cord Injuries Association in Sydney, and spoke with many individuals with limited upper limb mobility.

People want a robotic arm that’s discreet, aesthetic and functional.


Jeva is discreet

Jeva is aesthetic

Jeva is functional


Use Cases


Helping hand for daily living

jeva use casejeva use case
Pouring a drink
jeva use case
Feeding yourself
jeva use case
Brushing your teeth

Helping hand for your family

jeva use case
Picking items
off the ground
jeva use case
Administering your
own medication
jeva use case
Answering a landline

Helping hand in your home

jeva use case
Opening and closing
jeva use case
Opening doors
jeva use case
Turning light switches
on and off

Helping hand in public

jeva use case
Accessing elevator buttons
jeva use case
Getting items off the
higher supermarket shelves
jeva use case
Pushing the pedestrian button


jeva use case
Scratching your face
Signing your signature
jeva use case
Drawing pictures

Jeva is named after Jessica Evans, one of the first people with a disability we met after embarking on this project, who told us in her first email to us, “I have to say this is a dream come true because I have grown up with science-fiction and liked the idea of having my own robot of sorts, and definitely I’ve imagined uses for robotic type devices given that I have a disability.”

The control interface is simple and intuitive


Relative Motion Control


Relative Motion Control moves Jeva relative to its current position, in any direction. Whether you want to move the arm up, down, left, right; or move any of the arm's subsections - you do that through the Relative Motion Control interface shown above.



Cube, located on the Relative Motion Control interface, is a shortcut system to access different points in space easily without needing to do the individual navigation steps.

We have a provisional patent on the Cube system where you press two buttons - one of the squares and one of the trapezoids in order to shortcut move your arm to that location. The squares represent the X-Y coordinates of a point in space in front of you and the trapezoid represents distance from the base of the robot arm. This is similar to how people with limited upper limb mobility will direct their mouse on a computer.

So if you want to access something high up and far away to the left of you, and Jeva is tucked away to the right of you - you can just press the top-left square and the smallest trapezoid, and Jeva will make herself to that position without you having to press any more buttons!




Recording allows users to customize their app experience by creating their own set of Jeva movements and storing those movements on their phones to playback whenever they choose.

You can press record on the screen, have a carer or family member physically demonstrate a movement using the arm, and have that movement be stored on the device to be accessed at any time in the future.

At the dinner table, record the arm spooning soup into your mouth, and then play that movement on repeat!  You can choose to pause at anytime to let the soup cool or to have a conversation.

This feature is great for storing the signing of a signature, drawing different pictures, remembering hand gestures required to open doors and even recording teeth brushing movements!


EPSON Moverio


Through the support of the Transport Accidents Commission, we created Epson Moverio control of Jeva for people to control Jeva without the use of their hands. Moving your head, moves Jeva.


Jeva Features

5 Degrees of Freedom

Lift capacity of 700g

Reach capacity of 70cm

Wheelchair or table mounted


We co-developed Jeva with 150 people - from care organisations, individuals, and carers.

5 Degrees Of Freedom


・Hand rotate

Upper/Lower Limb

・Shoulder lift
・Elbow lift
・Wrist lift


・Base rotate


Jeva controlled using Dynamic Controls iPortal
Jeva doing tasks around the farm
Jeva creating Christmas cards
An early ABC #TalkAboutIt interview with Jeva

Development History