Below you can find answers to some of the most common questions about owning and operating a Teleport

How do I display an avatar during a call?

During a call, you can disable your video by pressing the camera icon on the right. This will cause your profile picture to be displayed on the Teleport. To change your profile picture:

  1. Navigate to your profile
  2. Click 'Update My Details'
  3. Choose a picture from your computer
  4. Press 'Save'

How do I change my Teleport's picture?

If you want to personalize your Teleport, you can give each Teleport a custom picture.

  1. Navigate to the Teleport list view
  2. Click 'Edit'
  3. Choose a picture from your computer
  4. Press 'Save'

What does the Teleport's LED mean?

The status of the Teleport is given by the combination of a coloured LED and a blinking state.




Fully charged

Object nearby (either in front or behind)

No connection




Low battery

System Status

LED Colour

LED Blinking


Teleport is moving

No Blinking



System Status


How do I charge the Teleport?

The charging cable for the Teleport can either be plugged into the front of the robot directly, or plugged into the charging mat. If the cable is plugged into the charging mat, simply drive the teleport onto the mat so that the metal charging strips on the front of the Teleport are in contact with the pins on the mat.

Why does the Teleport screen switch on randomly?

If you turn the Teleport screen off, while the robot is still on (the on-off switch at the base of the robot is switched to “on”), then the tablet will switch back on.

How do I turn the robot off completely?

Turn the on-off switch at the base to off. A page will appear on the screen with the option to power down the head immediately, or you can leave the Teleport to power itself down after 90 seconds.

How do I assign users in my organisation to a specific Teleport?

First, create a new group, then add the Teleport to this group. You can then add users to the same group. If a user is not in that group, they will not be able to access the Teleport.

Can I add a Teleport to more than one group?

No, a Teleport can only be a member of one group at a time.

How do I end my Teleport session?

On a browser, just close the call window and you’ll end the Teleport session. On an Android device, press the hangup button to end the call.

How do I stop the call of another user in my organisation?

If you are an organisation administrator, or a group administrator for the Teleport, you can end a current call by clicking the "edit" button next to the respective Teleport, then clicking "Force end call".

How do I create a call with multiple users?

Teleports in an organisation can have a call with multiple users, wherein the first caller can control the Teleport and subsequent callers can observe. All users in the call are able to communicate via a chat. This feature must first be enabled by clicking the "edit" button next to the respective Teleport, and selecting "Enable Multiple Viewers". Note: This feature is in beta, and may be unstable.

How much bandwidth will I require?

This number will vary greatly, though we recommend a minimum of 500 kbps.

Which port is used during a call?

The Teleport will try to connect peer-to-peer over a random port. If a restrictive firewall prevents this, it will fall back on communication through port 443. Both client and Teleport must be able to access teleport.aubot.com, turn.aubot.com, and rtc.aubot.com over port 80/443.