The future of home care robotics

Jevaroo is a 8 degree of freedom robotic arm on a movable platform. Jevaroo empowers people with a disability and seniors and saves carers’ travel time and costs.

No boundaries

With Jevaroo's 8 degrees of freedom, Jevaroo can travel forwards and backwards, side-to-side, and rotate on the spot.  Jevaroo's neck allows for its limb to be angled at different heights, and Jevaroo's limb motors allow for the arm to adjust and hone in carefully to interact with objects.



Allows you to do tasks for yourself, by yourself, giving you freedom and independence in your home and in your life

Higher Quality Of Life

Reduce informal care needed, leading to greater quality of life for everyone in the household

Save Carer Time

Reduce formal carer hours needed, by being able to do simple tasks yourself, freeing your carer up to tackle bigger tasks

Jevaroo can perform many tasks.

Jevaroo Features

8 Degrees Of Freedom
Maximum lift on closest angle of 2.32kg
Maximum horizontal reach of 110cm
Maximum lift on furthest angle of 1.32kg
Maximum vertical reach of 180cm
Battery life 8 hours
Uses Xbox controller for ease of control
Tri directional omni -wheeled base

Community-driven development

Degrees Of Freedom (DOF)

Limb 3DOF (Side view)

  • ・Elbow - Up/down
  • ・Wrist - Up/down
  • ・Wrist - Rotate

Neck 2DOF (Side view)

  • ・Up/down × 2
  • (Allows the arm to pivot about the front linear actuator)

Base 3DOF (Top view)

  • ・Left/right
  • ・Forward/backward
  • ・Rotate on spot


Movement Range

The base of Jevaroo is weighted with three heavy batteries, two large stepper motors and two plates of steel to provide the robot with a low centre of mass to help counter balance any pulling or pushing forces through the limb, and any movements at the robot's end effector. This makes Jevaroo sturdy and stable, no matter what the robot interacts with or encounters.

Moving back and foward

The base uses omni wheels, giving it holonomic drive, meaning it can move backwards and forwards;  sideways like a crab, and rotate on the spot.  
The base can travel forwards and backwards for an unlimited amount of time.
The base can travel sideways - both ways for an unlimited amount of time.
The base can rotate on the spot, with no turning circle

Moving left and right
Rotating on the spot

Neck movement range of 25cm.

The neck's vertical movement enables Jevaroo's entire limb to reach up and down to manipulate objects, greatly increasing Jevaroo's capabilities.

Screw-type linear actuators provide a significant amount of lifting force
Twin linear actuators may be operated independently, allowing Jevaroo to reach up to a high shelf or down low to the floor
Maximum horizontal reach of Jevaroo is 110cm
Maximum vertical reach of Jevaroo is 170cm

Maximum horizontal reach of 110cm
Maximum vertical reach of 170cm

Jevaroo has impressive horizontal and vertical reach, allowing it to reach shelves that are high up, as well as pick up objects off the floor.

There are three joints along Jevaroo's limb which allow the robot to perform a wide range of complex movements.

Maximum elbow rotation range of 15 degrees above horizontal and 50 degrees below horizontal
Maximum arm rotation range of 45 degrees above horizontal and 50 degrees below horizontal

Jevaroo's limb is modeled after a human arm, with a wrist and an elbow
Wrist movement range allows for Jevaroo's hand to be position

Maximum effective grip diameter of 15cm
Maximum hand rotation range of 15 degrees above horizontal and 45 degrees below horizontal

Jevaroo's robot hand is padded, with a large opening range, making it versatile enough to grip a number of everyday items including door handles, cups, plastic wrappers, aluminum cans, water bottles, and more!


Jevaroo is able to lift relatively heavy loads. All motor and joint components of the robot have been optimized to safeguard against failure due to unorthodox loading configurations

Maximum Grip Strength of 2.5 Nm.
Maximum Lift on Closest angle of 2.32 Kg
Maximum Lift on Furthest angle of 1.32 Kg

Jevaroo is strong enough to lift weights of up to 1.32kg, even with its limb at full extension

Maximum Shoulder Loading of 9.6 Kg
Maximum Elbow Loading of 1.59 Kg
Maximum Arm Loading of 4.84 Kg
Maximum Hand Loading of 2.25 Kg
Maximum Wrist Loading of 0.33 Kg

Jevaroo can lift up to 2.32kg when lifting from close to the base
Rotary potentiometers are used to provide precise rotational positions to Jevaroo's software

Moving Speed

Jevaroo's movement speeds have been designed to enable it to complete the tasks it is meant to do while maintaining prime emphasis on safety of operation and ease of use.

Base maximum forward and backward speed of 0.2m/s or 12m/m.
Base maximum rotation speed of 20 rev/min.
Hand joint rotation speed of 7.5 rev/min.
Elbow joint rotation speed of 1.57 rev/min.
Shoulder speed of 0.01875 m/s
Arm rotation speed of 1.38 rev/min
Wrist rotation speed of 3.34 rev/min

Jevaroo's three-omni wheel configuration allows it to rotate perfectly on the spot
Jevaroo drives at a safe speed


Battery Life

Jevaroo’s batteries are rechargeable and are capable of powering Jevaroo for 8 hours before needing to be recharged.


Jevaroo weighs 45 Kg.

Control Interface

Jevaroo may be controlled by a person in the same room over Bluetooth or by a carer in another location via wifi in order to do chores or personal tasks around the home or away from home - getting drinks, opening doors, and carrying items.

Remotely Controlled

From your computer
anywhere in the world

Xbox Controller

Like a video game -
guiding Jevaroo is
fun and intuitive

Control Scheme

Use Cases

Persons with a Disability

May be used around the home
putting independence back
in their hands


Jevaroo may be controlled from
anywhere in the world
to lend a hand in the home


If you are thirsty, Jevaroo can serve you a drink

Independent twin linear actuators allow Jevaroo to pick up things from the floor and put them into the bin

Heavy doors can be pushed open by Jevaroo due to the strength of its drive motors

360 degree hand and base rotation combine to allow Jevaroo to grip a door and swing it shut

Jevaroo is stable enough to pour a glass of water without spilling

A full drink is easily within Jevaroo's loading limits


Tanya, 50s (Carer)

"These will be great for those clients who don’t want that 24/7 care. We’ve got quite a few clients who they just get sick of someone always having to be there they want to be alone - Those days (of being alone) are gone for them."

Peter, 40s (Quadriplegic association staff)

"It's definitely a big improvement.  Now it's time to use your imagination. You can use it around the house! They're quite ideal to put in the house or your office to start to explore it more and more."

Josh, 30s (Paralympic gold medallist)

"I was always trying to steal my brother's chocolates, so it's good to know this can reach to that height. I used to use the broom and knock it down and catch it!"

History of Jevaroo

We filmed a documentary with Al Jazeera English while we were in the process of creating Jevaroo.