Be Anywhere, From Anywhere

Teleport is a telepresence robot which allows you to visit somewhere or someone in a mobile video-conferencing experience. No need to schedule calls, just Teleport in and find yourself in any location you choose. Navigate through an office, school, lab, or attend an event across the world, all via robot.

A Deeper Connection

With the Teleport, conversations across states, countries, and the world feel more natural, allowing for a more comfortable and familiar experience. No longer reliant on the recipient of your video call to show you around, you can explore and behave more like yourself in all manner of situations.

Teleport Features

Wide-angle lens to view over 120 degrees

6 hour battery life

Loud speaker to match human volume

Dual cameras to see forwards and downwards simultaneously

10.1" FHD IPS LCD (1920x1200) Display

Web control interface allows Teleporting in from any computer, right from the browser

Ultrasonic sensors prevent hitting obstacles and items

Raise and lower robot height remotely

Adjust your height with a click to get to eye level, speak to someone sitting down, or inspect an object.

Included with Teleport is the charging dock. Simply drive the robot into the dock to charge. The charging dock plug can also be connected directly to the robot, allowing a more portable charging solution.

Control Interfaces

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